Monday, January 4, 2010

Lovely Food and Beautiful Budgets

This Tuesday, let's set our tables affordably. I believe that being a good steward of one's money is a very important part of following the footsteps of Christ. I don't believe he would have spent money just because he may have had it. He would have saved. (Pun intended). And how can you save if your grocery bill eats up all of your extra cash?

So, this week, I went to a farmer's market at the local community college. I've been on a constant hunt for the best-priced healthy foods on the island. It hasn't been easy.

I got a Costco membership; it has actually been helping a lot and I've been able to pick up food items that are very wholesome. I can't buy everything there, though.

The Farmer's market was wonderful. I got all this for under $20.00! (Minus the oils, knife block, and season pots, of course).

That produce should get me through the week, or at least most of it. Check out the size of the local avocados (which I got for 50 cents each!):

I hope this encourages any of you who have ever been hesitant to try your local farmer's market when it operates in your area. You'll not only have fun perusing the different fruit, veggie, and homemade-item stands the way people used to in the old days, you'll make your dollar go very far. Don't forget, small farms like the ones who sell at farmer's markets typically grow their foods organically, even if they don't go through the process of getting the USDA organic sticker.

I don't want to add much more to the list of Sarah's missions for Food Journey Fridays, since we're just winding down after the holidays, but wanted to share my thoughts this week about farmer's markets. I'm excited to hear how the no HFCS challenge went in the Smith household!

Peace, love and produce---Hippie

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