Friday, January 22, 2010

Sharing some great recipes from elsewhere!

The only problem I'm finding is that my low oxalate diet doesn't necessarily mean super-healthy. For instance, many processed foods and most sugar are all fine on my diet. But are they really fine for me? Ultimately, there are many low-oxalate foods that I know I really should steer clear from.

On this Food Journey Friday, I wanted to share some exciting recipes I've found from another site that love: The Nourishing Gourmet. Since low oxalate often coincides with gluten free cooking, I am having some success with gluten free recipes.

These are just a few that caught my eye:

Spiced Apple Muffins and these Cupcakes really interest me because I MISS BAKED GOODS. :) I will probably order some Coconut Flour in early February and give these a shot. (On a side note, I was also overjoyed to find this recipe for coconut flour pizza crust-- you know how much I would love a pizza right now??). Who's with me? It would be so fun to try it out with someone and have stories to compare! I'm going to order February 1. Let me know who is interested!

Additionally, these butternut fries and this grilled vegetable salad look delicious! These carrots looked yummy too. I am sometimes hard-pressed to find really healthy options that are still delicious, and kid-and-picky-hubby-friendly. :) Okay, hubby is actually really good about eating and enjoying whatever I fix. But still, I always want to make him happy when he comes home!

Now, if you're feeling REALLY adventurous, how about trying this recipe? It honestly looks disgusting, but she says her kids even love it. It can't be that bad, and it's super cheap. Worth a try maybe?

So what do you say, Hippie and friends? Anyone wanna try out these recipes with me? Like I said, I'll be ordering or buying (if I can find at Whole Foods) the coconut flour on February 1st. And the others I intend to try at least by the end of February (hopefully MUCH sooner!). Anyone interested in these recipes or others on the Nourishing Gourmet site? Share any that spark your interest!

Great eating to you and yours,
The beginner


  1. These actually look really good! I may have to try the muffins and cupcakes since I love to bake so much. Does Whole Foods have the coconut flour?

  2. YUM! especially the butternut fries. om nom nom nom nom.

    Oh, coconut four, just under $7, here!;