Monday, January 11, 2010

Hurrah! Table Tuesday just got Tuesday-ier!

I am still confused about when exactly to post on this blog. I'm 5 hours behind East-coasters, so I know that if I wait until this time on Tuesday it wouldn't be punctual. But I'm planning on being really exhausted tonight so it won't be up by East-coast morning, either.

I got a job working with an organic farm! YES! It's true. I start tomorrow. I'll be wearing a lot of hats. Mostly, I will be marketing for the farm to get the word out and meet the farm family's goal: to make healthy, fresh food as desirable and available to the public as McDonald's.

The idea, to the woman who started this, is that fresh, organic produce is expensive these days, and unnecessarily. She said that she priced the total cost of items to make a decent healthy salad at the supermarket and it was $44. She has managed to work out a very affordable way to shop for fresh stuff.

Her rate, if you sign up for a weekly delivery, is either one full bag (grocery bag sized) full of fruit for $18, the same bag full of veggies for $18, or both for only $25. And she still makes a profit.

So I get the delightful duty of making sure everyone on the island, including tourists, knows this and purposely skips that next turn into McD's to get fresh goodies, instead.

Mission this week for ALL readers, including Sarah: tell me what your favorite (food) things are, especially the ones you consider healthy. If your very favorite things are not healthy, let us know anyway and perhaps we could suggest a healthier alternative for you! (My big weakness is brownies. Imagine how long it took to figure out how to make that "less" unhealthy!). Next week I'll be setting my Table Tuesday with a few favorites.

Peace, Love and Produce---Hippie


  1. ok, I need more info...that sounds great! Having fruits and veggies delivered would definitely encourage me to use them! And get creative. How does one sign up for that?

  2. Hi Knit!

    For me these things are very available year-round since I live on the island of Maui.

    If you are on the mainland, go to this website:

    Sometimes you pay a flat rate for a 6-week contract. It's usually a ton of food. Some households split the cost of one. Each CSA seems to have its own contract.

    There are so many similar programs available that are listed through that website. Some areas have a "winter CSA" and others do not.

    And if you see a produce stand on the roadside, give it a shot! I always find some real gems at roadside stands. Last time I visited one, I got a week and a half worth of produce for around 19 dollars. Some of those farmers can also tell you about their weekly options if they have one. Good luck!

  3. my favorite foods-
    chicken fingers (fried... grilled just isn't the same)
    and anything chocolate! :)