Monday, December 28, 2009

Table Tuesdays are getting sweaty!

Hey, Hippie! I've been eating really well, but I still don't feel as fit as I was hoping to...

Exercise is equally as important as eating well. Unfortunately, some people have a hard time figuring out where to start, or feel intimidated about getting started.

God gave us amazing bodies. He loves it when we take care of them. They are capable of so much! Yes, it does take some hard work to keep them operating well, but that work is also very rewarding.

I want to encourage you all to exercise! There is a type of fitness out there for everyone. Once you start, you'll feel better on a daily basis.

Some of the simplest and most economic forms of exercise are good old fashioned walking or running. Walk fast and hard enough to get your heart rate up, but don't over-exert yourself. Keeping your heart rate up is what makes exercise worthwhile.

Hiking is a great way to move around and walk because you get to take in the scenery available in your area. Search for hikes of all levels in your area here.

Want to get into running but feeling intimidated? Check out this guy. Make goals for yourself. Start small, and don't feel like you're not doing it right by starting small. Can't or won't try running? If you have a bike, bust it out, get it tuned up, and start riding. If you have access to a pool, suit up and start swimming!

Yoga can be convenient and inexpensive, too! It's great for strength, balance, posture, and flexibility. There are free instructional videos and websites that you can watch and workout with in your own home. Check out a personal favorite of mine: Yoga Today.

Exercise for me is usually outdoors and dirty. I am an outdoor enthusiast. I love adventure. There are dozens of exciting outdoor activities that are exercise in disguise. If there's something you've been curious to try, go for it. You may find an activity you like. When you do, enjoy it and reap the benefits of being active!

MSN has a fun interactive video quiz that will help you find the kind of fitness that is the best for you. Check it out!

If you still need some convincing, here are just a few benefits to regular exercise: Increased metabolism, increased energy, increased strength, stronger heart, healthier skin, increased bone density, more balanced hormones, better balance, improved reflexes, improved mood, and less illness.

As someone who spends a lot of time at the beach and in the water, and sees almost-naked people from all over the world on a daily basis, let me tell you: none of them have magazine-cover bodies. So please, aspire to a personal best for your own health and lifestyle, and don't get discouraged by vanity.

Sarah, your mission this week: seek Scripture and see what it says about caring for our bodies, and the rewards of working hard. I'm excited to hear what is spoken to you!

Peace, love, and produce -- Hippie

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