Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To love their husbands...

I do love mine! We have been married 3 years today, and I am enjoying looking back at all of the fun memories we've already made. I am so blessed to be married to this wonderful man.

Our wedding day was perfect in every way. Some things I loved about him on our wedding day... He got me a special gift and flowers. He teared up when I walked down the aisle. He was a great dancer (still is!). He thought I was beautiful. He treated me like a princess.

Year one, some things I loved about Ryan were... moving to Memphis with him. Watching him start his first "real" job at Schneider, and how everyone loved and respected him there. His new beard. Finding a church with him. Going on random trips with him, to Georgia mostly. How he encouraged me with my schoolwork. How he was proud of me when I graduated. How we fit so nicely together in our little one-bedroom apartment.

Year two, some things I loved about Ryan... How he took me on outdoorsy trips. Snuggling. Going to New Orleans with him. Doing fun things together, like the Grizzlies game. How he stood strong for me when we miscarried our first pregnancy. How he thought I was pretty even when I chopped my hair off. :)

Year three, some things I loved about Ryan... Going through the pregnancy with him. How outdoorsy he is- he accomplished quite the feat at Long's Peak. Doing fun things with him. How he became a runner! How he grew in the Lord. What a great leader he is of our small group, at work, and at home. How he humors me with tons of pictures. Watching him become a daddy! Watching him fall more in love with our little boy as the days go by. How he loves me and how patient he is with me.

These are just a few reasons I love my husband. He is wonderful! Happy Anniversary to us!

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  1. I can't believe it's been three years already! It seems like only yesterday I watched you walk down the aisle. Happy Anniversary to both of you darlings! I love you very much!!