Monday, May 18, 2009


Last week was an amazingly productive week. My hubby said that I was scarily productive- intimidating to him, actually. Ha! All I have to say is that it was the Lord!

The biggest change in my week last week was that I got up each morning to be with Jesus before my day started. Since Holman usually wakes up around 6:15-6:30 for the day, my day had to begin earlier. My sweet husband took over getting the baby out of bed and visiting while I finished up... So I started my priority time around 5:45.

Let me just say that it wasn't easy... and it wasn't by my own strength. It was the Lord, faithfully sustaining me and giving me energy for each morning devotional. The time with Jesus made a marked difference in my attitude, time management, and productivity. Just ask Ryan!

The Lord blessed me in such a special way because of the time I spent with Him. I noticed such a huge difference in myself. The other huge difference in our week was that we intentionally spent much less time watching the television. You simply do not realize the hours that are sucked away by that t.v. until you intentionally do not watch it. We purposed not to watch TV except if we were really sitting down to watch one thing. We had so much more time!

This week is off to a pretty good start, but I am hoping tomorrow will be even better and more productive. On my to-do list:

1. Priority time
2. Run/walk with Holman and Bailey (I am training for a 5k!)
3. Prepare the house for Small Group
4. Trellis my peas
5. Ironing
6. Cook "killer beans" and corn on the cob to go with our cheeseburgers for small group. I got the recipe from my grandma! I will share it sometime soon.
7. Work on invitations for Sara Gentry's baby shower. They're expecting baby #2!
8. One load of laundry, start to finish

I figure if I write it out, maybe it will keep me on track tomorrow! I will report in on how I did.

Thanks for reading! I am so excited about what God is doing in my life, especially in energizing me for my home. I praise Him how He is able to refresh our spirits and remind us of our callings. My calling is here at home, and boy do I love it!

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