Friday, May 15, 2009

"...To love their children..."

Especially when they are sick. We need to love ON them.

Bless his little heart, Holman got shots yesterday. Today he feels about like this:

Yesterday wasn't so bad, since he just spent most of the day in a vegetative state or sleeping. Today, however, has been a different story. He woke up with a pretty high fever (102) and obviously felt horrible. He is such a trooper, he was even trying to smile, but one could tell things weren't quite right.

I think about how God the Father loves us so tenderly. I think about times when I've been sick, or spiritually sick, and how He has nursed me lovingly back to health. And in all truth, I rather enjoy the opportunity (as bad as that might sound) to pay extra special attention and love to my little guy. He is a lot more snuggly today than usual, and I'm not complaining about that. (My mom confessed to me some time ago that she used to relish times when my brother got sick, because it was the only time he would let her snuggle and rock him. Now I know what she means.)

I am certain that he will be back to his smiley self in no time. For now, I will spoil him, rock him to sleep, check on him constantly, and do whatever I can to make him feel better. Because that's what mommies do.

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  1. ahhh...soak it up friend. I wish I could go back and give a million extra snuggles just because I love them so. I just MAKE the boys let me now. :) Chariti