Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why are we doing a giveaway?

It's simple. We get a little weirded out by hearing ourselves talk all the time about healthy food. We love to teach and share all of our knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, but we can never learn enough from others. We need to keep learning from others.

That's just one reason we'd really like to get your favorite wholesome recipes. Who knows what exciting things we'll learn about ingredients, or what you may share that will inspire us!

Please see the blog entry before for detailed rules of entry.

We can't promise you fame and fortune for sending in the prize-winning recipe, but we can promise you a little taste of heaven (if you've never had a Hawaiian pineapple, you're in for a treat...if you're our winner!) and a food-lifestyle changing book by an incredible research-oriented writer.

So please enter our fun little contest. Just send your favorite wholesome, unprocessed, super duper recipe to: happy.hungry.hippie@gmail.com and in just over a week, we'll pick the top three for testing!

Peace, love and produce --- Hippie

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